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Brands offered
As a Wholesaler we can provide you with a wide range of used copiers, Off Lease, Refurbished Copiers in different brands. Canon, Minolta, Konica-Minolta, kyocera, Xerox and etc. Please contact us for our most current Inventory:  Contact us
Canon Photocopier
Canon Copiers
Canon Imagerunner (IR)
2220,2270,2870,C3220,3300i, 3025, 3030, 3035, 3045, 3320, C3380, 3570, C4080, C4080i, 4570,5020, 5065, 5020i, 5070, 5075, 5570, 6020, 6020i, 6570, 7095, 7105, 8070, 9070, IR2800, IR3245,
IR1024F, iR2520i, iR2525i, IR2535i, iR2545i,
Konica Minolta Photocopier
Konica Minolta (Minolta) Copiers
Bizhub: 161f, 250, C250, C251, C252, 350, C350, C351, C352, 420, C450, C451, C452,  500, 600, 750, 7222, 7228, 7235, 7255, 7272, 8050
Kyocera mita  Photocopier
Kyocera (Kyocera Mita) Copiers
Kyocera Mita: KM-8030,KM-6030, KM-5050, KM-4050, KM-3060, KM-3040, KM-2560, KM-2540, KM-2050, KM-2030, KM-1820, KM-1650, KMC-4035E, KMC-3232E, KMC-3225E, KMC-2525E
Triumph Adler Photocopier
Triumph Adler Copiers
DC2116, DC2120, DC2125 DC2130, DC2140, DC2150, Dc2025, DC2018, DC2062, DC2035, DC6125, DC2015, DC2052, DC2230, DC2325, DC2230, DC2042, DC2040, DC2050, DC2042   
Sharp Photocopier
Sharp Copiers
AR-160, AR-161, AR-168D, AR-168N, AR-200, AR-205, AR-208D, AR-208S, AR-235,AR-275, AR-287, AR-337, AR-407, AR-507, AR-5316, AR-BC260,AR-BC320,AR-C200P, AR-C240P, AR-C260, AR-C260M, AR-C260P, AR-C265P, AR-M160, AR-M162, AR-M205, AR-M207, AR-M208, AR-M208N, AR-M237, AR-M257, AR-M277, AR-M280N, AR-M280U, AR-M317, AR-M350, AR-M350N, AR-M350U, AR-M355N, AR-M355U, AR-M450, AR-M450N,
AR-M450U, AR-M455N, AR-M455U, AR-M550U, AR-M620N, AR-M620U, AR-M700N, AR-M700U,  AR-N275, AR-P350, AR-P350N, AR-P450, AR-P450N, AR-PE3,  DX-B350P,  DX-B450P, DX-C310, DX-C311,  DX-C400, DX-C401, FO-DC500,  FO-DC550,  FO-DC600, FO-IS125N, MX-2300N, MX-2600N, MX-2700N, MX-3100N, MX-3500N, MX-3501N, MX-4100N, MX-4101N, MX-4501N, X-5001N, MX-5500N, MX-6200N, MX-6201N, MX-7000N, MX-7001N, MX-C311, MX-C401, MX-M1100, MX-M350N, MX-M350U, MX-M450N, MX-M450U, MX-M550U, MX-M620N, MX-M620U, X-M700N, MX-M700U, MX-M850, MX-M950, MX-PEX2, MX-PEX3
Toshiba Photocopier
Toshiba Copiers
Toshiba: E205,E282, E283,  E352, E353, E452, E520, E600, E720, E850, E2500C, E3500C, E3510C, E4500C
Rocoh  Photocopier
Ricoh Copiers
Ricoh Aficio: MP161, 3025, MP2510, MP2510, 3030, 3035, MP3500, 3045, MP4500, MP5500, MP6500, MP7500, 3228C, 3235C, MPC3000, 3245C, MPC3500, MPC4500
Panasonic Photocopier
Panasonic Copiers
Panasonic: DP-2330 DP-3010 DP-3030 DP-3520 dp-4510 DP-4520G DP-4520H DP-6010 DP-6020G DP-6020H DP-6030 DP-6030H, FP-D455S2, FP-D605S2, FP-7845, FP-7835, FP-7750, FP-7735, DP-
Xerox Photocopier
Xerox Copiers
DOCUCOLOR: DCC250, DCC360, DCC450, DCC5540i, DCC6550i, DCC7550i,  DC-C2200, DC-C3300, DC-C4300, DC-C5400, DC-C6500, DC-C7500, DC-C5500, DC-C6500, DC-C7500,APC5540i,APC6550i,APC7550i,AP-C2200,AP-C3300,AP-C4300,AP-C5400,AP-C6500,AP-C7500,AP-C5500,AP-C6500,AP-C7600